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View Diary: [UPDATE] NYT drops Starr bombshell, it disappears, then reappears! (145 comments)

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  •  This exercise was widely reported (none)
    and because of the confusion it caused, the government has changed the way it conducts these exercises since then.  This exercise is probably mentioned in every single book about what happened that day.

    I don't know what your point is in bringing it up.
    The media isn't trying to bury it.  It's irrelavant.

    And again, this thread is morphing into a conspiracy thread when it was supposed to be about Ken Starr admitting that he leaked.

    •  I can think of at least one book on the subject (none)
      that doesn't appear to have any reference to the exercise.  Nor can I find it doing an archived search on any websites.  Hell, I can't even find it on the San Francisco Chronicles's archives, and that's the one place where I initially found it! :-) (I'll fully admit incompetence if someone else can find the right parameters to get it to show up on any of these sites.  I don't remember what exactly I typed in to find it initially)  

      I guess the point of the comment was partly to share my own experiences with the difficulties of disappearing news.  But, you caught me, my other point of the comment was to just help Spread the Word about what appears to me to be one of the greatest acts of treason in the history of this country.  We'll have to agree to disagree on that, though, which is fine.  But please, if you or anyone else has a chance, take a 2nd, good long look at the 9/11 Truth Movement and what they and other have to say.  Or listen to a great speech(it's the "DR Griffin Madison" one) recently show on CSPAN highlighting the various lies of the 9/11 Commission Report.  You might write it off as implausible, but it also might be one of the most important, eye-opening speeches you'll ever hear.  Happy listening! :-D

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