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View Diary: [UPDATE] NYT drops Starr bombshell, it disappears, then reappears! (145 comments)

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  •  That's a big Dem failing isn't it (none)
    Ward Churchill says something extreme, and everyone from the furthest left to the most conservative warhawk Dem gets hit with a broad-brush smear by the Republicans.  A right-wing Republican that would fit right in to the current mainstream of the republican party blows a building to smithereens, and there is silence.  

    This act was a direct outcome of the Republican mantra that government is the problem.  They own that explosion and those deaths.  In fact, I saw Limbaugh defend McVeigh on his short lived tv show.  His audience looked pretty uncomfortable, but they own the attack too.  

    •  how could limbaugh not defend mcveigh? (none)
      every ignorant thing timmy mcv believed was also being uttered by limbaugh on a daily basis- that clinton and the big government were going to take their guns and then give the country over to the united nations and let gay black men rape them.

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