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  •  And the Brazilian Tunguska of 1930 (16+ / 0-)

    which the report below credits to the annual Perseid meteor shower.

    "The Daily Herald describes the fall of 'three great meteors...[which]... fired and depopulated hundreds of miles of jungles... The fire continued uninterrupted for some months, depopulating a large area. Unfortunately, although the fall is said to have occurred around "8 o'clock in the morning" and to have been preceded by remarkable atmospheric disturbances (a "blood-red" Sun, an ear-piercing "whistling" sound, and the fall of fine ash which covered trees and vegetation with a blanket of white), few details are provided that constrain the time and place of the event. Nevertheless, the story refers to an article in the papal newspaper L'Osservatore Romano, apparently written by a Catholic missionary "Father Fidello, of Aviano" and it is to this that we now turn.


    In the forests of the Rio Curaca... on the 13th August 1930 there fell three great bolides from the heights of space. The strange event was followed by such a combination of natural phenomena and upheavals, that the 'seringuleros'... is the men working in the forest to extract rubber, believed they were witnessing a cataclysm presaging the end of the world...


    On the morning of 13th August the sky was clear and a glorious equatorial sun had risen to usher in the new day. The seringuleros had begun their daily work venturing into the heart of the forest; fishermen were already throwing their nets into the river, and women on the river banks were washing the few items of clothing needed around here. Suddenly, at about eight o'clock, the sun became blood-red and darkness spread over everything, almost as if a thick cloud had intercepted the sun's rays... but there is no cloud... only the appearance of reddish dust in the atmosphere, giving the impression of an immense fire that would reduce to ashes all the elements of nature. Fine ash begins to fall on the plants of the forest and on the waters of the river... when suddenly a multiple hissing noise is heard from on high, sounding like whistles or artillery shells... and the hissing noise comes closer and closer to the earth and becomes more and more frightening, so much so that the children instinctively put their hands over their heads and crouch down, running to hide... Some fishermen did have courage, and while standing in the middle of the river raised their eyes to the sky and saw large balls of fire which fell from the sky like thunderbolts. They landed in the centre of the forest with a triple shock similar to the rumble of thunder and the splash of lightning. There were three distinct explosions, each stronger than the other, causing earth tremors like those of an earthquake. A very light rain of ash continued to fall for a few hours and the sun remained veiled till midday. The explosions of the bodies were heard hundreds of kilometres away..."

    The meteor event occurred in the upper Amazon region close to the border between Brazil and Peru. And it occurred on August 13, 1930, "a date that almost exactly coincides with the observed maximum of the annual Perseid meteor shower."

    The SAO/NASA Astrophysics Date System report then goes into the analysis of that meteor event.

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