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View Diary: John McCain's very, very reasonable explanation for why Republicans filibustered Chuck Hagel (181 comments)

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    Why would anybody even be surprised by this latest garbage from the Republicans in general, and Senator John McCain in particular? They won't tolerate any person in the GOP who criticizes ANYBODY in their party or who shows a bipartisan willingness to work with Democrats and President Obama. For instance, remember what happened to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie after he appeared with Obama while touring storm-ravaged areas in his state caused by Hurricane Sandy, and he even went so far as to praise the President and to express his willingness to work with White House to further the best interests of his constituents. Christie became persona non grata in the GOP, and his name has been anathema among conservatives ever since.

    The Republicans want members of their party to toe the party line and swallow their partisan, conservative philosophy hook, line and sinker. Any attempt to diverge from this ideology will be punished, as we see in Chuck Hagel's case. IMO, it takes a big person to publicly admit that he'd been wrong about an issue or stance he'd taken in the past. When Hagel said that, in hindsight, he was wrong for supporting the Iraq War, and he even went so far as to criticize the Bush/Cheney regime, these issues are now keeping him from being confirmed as our Secretary of Defense, all because Senate GOP's are still pissed off about what they feel are Hagel's past indiscretions. Granted, he didn't do very well at his confirmation hearing. Still, we have the war in Afghanistan, North Korea setting off nukes all willy-nilly, the possibility of a nuclear Iran, and many other problems the U.S. is dealing with around the world, and the last thing we need is a vacancy in the Secretary of Defense's office. The GOP has waded into some deep, murky, dangerous waters, all in their usual efforts to derail the Obama presidency.

    My mother and I each have our own theories about John McCain. She says he's getting senile, but I argue that the old fart lost his goddamn mind after he lost the presidency in 2008. Maybe it's a combination of both.

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