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View Diary: Tim Tebow aligns with Hatemongering Mega-Church (69 comments)

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    If you cloak your criticism in "it's bad for the game" or "drags his opinions/beliefs onto the field", then what you're really saying is that famous people should not use their fame as a platform for said opinions/beliefs.

    If you're going to say that, then it IS binary; you must condemn all such behavior, even if it happens to champion a cause you support.  Otherwise, your argument is reduced to "it's OK for them to do it when I agree with them, but not if I don't like it"...which, I believe, we would all condemn as hypocritical.

    So, simply put - there's no problem if you want to say that Tebow's a guy who overdoes it in putting his faith in the public eye.  (I wouldn't disagree.)  There's a problem if, instead, you make noise about "using sport as a pedestal" to "shove it in everyone's face", because that's nothing new - and more than a few athletes have done so for causes we may support or beliefs we may share.

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