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View Diary: My Recent Arrest While Driving the Illuminator Van (91 comments)

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    As far as what, from the outside, seems like official overkill, it's not just (or even mostly) the projection that probably caught the cops' attention.  It's the fact that you took a picture of his residence and (presumably) meant to make it public.

    Not saying you don't have the right to do so - only pointing out that for public officials who have to deal with random crackpots who make crackpot threats, that probably got you a lot more attention from official sources.  For all you know they got a whackjob email that morning saying someone in a van was coming for the guy and now you come by with the projector and camera and the wheel swings into action.

    Very glad you came out of it alive and well and in one piece, if down some impound fees and too much of your valuable time!! :)

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    by celticshel on Sun Feb 17, 2013 at 09:19:28 AM PST

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