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View Diary: Bauer-Ginsberg election commission unlikely to accomplish much despite obvious need (39 comments)

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  •  if the fascist gop (1+ / 0-)
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    is able to continue to suppress the vote of the constituents that vote for their opposition eventually they will find a way to rig elections so that they win the majority of the time, our democracy can not afford this trend to continue and the dems must get some backbone and stop this or they will not remain in office for long and won't deserve to.

    •  The republicans have stopped trying... (2+ / 0-)
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      shaharazade, cybersaur

      to win elections by selling their ideas. Instead they try to steal them by deceiving, disenfranchising and intimidating anyone likely to support dems.

      But that tactic is losing steam as voters grow more savvy and demographic changes take root and doom their party---which is built on racism and xenophobia.

      Rather than update their message-that's too retro, apparently- the GoOpers are souring on the democratic process itself. That's why Romney suggested Obama won by promising gifts-it's a message to the lizard brains that electoral victory is impossible so long as the democrats buy off the (growing) population of "scareh brown peeple!"

      It's a lie, but it's one they believe. It fits perfectly in their paranoid worldview.

      That's why we need to be vigilant to the threat of right-wing domestic terrorism. If the GOP can't win elections, or even steal them then some will abandon the political process and resort to thuggery.

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