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View Diary: Ill. State Senator McCarter Proposes 'Bigot Protection Act' to Protect Rights of Religious Believers (33 comments)

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  •  Yes, but...religions have pushed this to the (3+ / 0-)
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    kerplunk, SuWho, trumpeter

    extreme.  Such religious exemptions are absurb.    When pharmacists refuse to full prescriptions for birth control because they are against choice.  Or car rental companies, Or fast food pizza company CEO (who are CEOs of PUBLICLLY TRADED COMPANIES) claiming that the Affordable Care Act is forcing THEIR companies to support birth control.

    What fundamentalist religious folks can not get their heads around is that they need to get their hands off our crotches and mind their own business.  

    •  I agree that they can't impose their religious (2+ / 0-)
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      nextstep, VClib

      beliefs on others.  But that goes two ways.  If you can't impose your religious beliefs on me, I can't impose my religious beliefs on you.  And that means I can't require you to act in a way contrary to your religion -- no matter how absurd I think your religion is.  

      Frankly, religious people will be far MORE accepting of the fact that the civil marriage laws do not have to reflect their religious beliefs if they are ALSO assured that THEY will not be required to violate their own beliefs.  Half of the opposition I hear from Catholics, for example, to CIVIL same-sex marriage laws is a fear that priests won't be able to turn down officiating at same-sex weddings and keep their license to perform weddings.  If religious people are assured that passing a law that allows OTHERS to act in ways that violate that religious person's beliefs, but that the religious person will not be called upon himself to violate his OWN beliefs, it is easier for him to be tolerant of the beliefs of others.  

      •  The religious exemptions you mention are ALWAYS (1+ / 0-)
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        included in Marriage for All legislation.  And that NEVER stops the religious folks from simply ignoring that fact and talking over them.  The media campaigns against Marriage for All legislation ALWAYS IGNORES FACTS and panders to base hatred.   This has been a consistant fact.  They talk about being forced to teach it in schools, to preschoolers, the slippery slop to marrying your dog, and trees.  Facts never stop the religious nuts.

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