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  •  In part, it was (many Northenr Dems did (0+ / 0-)

    not secede, although Southern Dems were the party of white supremacy after the war), but that was then and this is now

    For two reasons that are in part interwined, the Republican Party is the party of the Confederacy.  First, the racism and southerness of the party.  Second, the opposition to all centralized government.

    The Republican Party is a presidential election away from extinction. If it can’t win the 2016 contest, and unless it has bolstered its congressional presence beyond the benefits of gerrymandered redistricting—which is to say not only retaking the Senate but polling more votes than the opposition nationally—the party will die. It will die not for reasons of “branding” or marketing or electoral cosmetics but because the party is at odds with the inevitable American trajectory in the direction of liberty, and with its own nature; paradoxically the party of Abraham Lincoln, which once saved the Union and which gives such passionate lip service to constitutionality, has come to embody the values of the Confederacy in its hostility to constitutional federalism and the civil bonds that the founding document codifies. The Republican Party will vanish not because of what its says but because of what it believes, not because of how it presents itself but because of who it is when it thinks no one is looking.
    Grand Old Jurassic Party

    Call it the neo-Confederacy if you wish, but there is something there.

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    by TomP on Fri Feb 15, 2013 at 01:40:19 PM PST

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