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  •  Best Senator ever. (1+ / 0-)
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    Although I am not feeling optimistic when the Senate Republicans are filibustering one of their alums for SecDef.

    And when they drag heels on Flood Insurance and disaster relief.

    I am starting to think they are only there for the cafeteria and the workout rooms.

    •  Industrialized Livestock Production (0+ / 0-)

      Report to World Bank in 2009 showed that it could be responsible for more than 50% of greenhouse gases.  

      This has to do with the different types that are emitted though the entire process to generate meat and get it to market.  Deforestation, GMO corn and soy production, fertilizer/pesticide/herbicide production, feed/antibiotics/hormone production, transporting animals for slaughter and sale, etc. Also, nitrous oxide and methane have a greater greenhouse impact (286 and 20 times, respectively).

      How come the President and others aren't talking about a huge contributor of greenhouse emissions, the factory farming to produce livestock (like beef and pork).

      America and the Chinese eat way too much meat and it's contributing to the cost of healthcare, (increases heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes) ... plus the environmental consequences are horrible.  

      If we slowed down on just red meat, we could slow down water usage and pollution, climate change, soil erosion, etc.

      This is a no brainer.  Why aren't the politicians talking about this.  You don't need to pass legislation.  Just inform people and challenge them to be a part of the solution.  Senator, can you help with this?

      Note: Sustainably raised meats are fine, though.  We need to support our local farmers.

      Sign up for Meatless Monday

      •  I'm not sure how this applies to (0+ / 0-)

        my post, but to respond to you, I just read Cesium levels from Fukishima are hitting the west coast hard.......

        So if we have meat, it might be better than fish at the moment. We're boxed in on all fronts.

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