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View Diary: In response to Russian meteor, House Republicans call for possibly doing some science? (152 comments)

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    I gave up on waiting for Congress after staying up half the night watching Russian videos seeing what a table-sized space rock can do.  A tracking satellite is going up into REAL space, with REAL dollars in 2018 to do an early detection of the 99% asteroids in near Earth orbit.  I found them when I Googled "what the heck are humans doing to protect the Earth from meteors?"  Or something similar....

    I'm not sure if I posted the website correctly.'s called B612 Foundation...Named after the Little Prince who lived on an asteroid...has been in existence for a DECADE.  After finding out how petty and small the Congress can be over Obama's confirmation candidates, I threw up a little in my mouth and then moved on to real action with real the planet!!

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