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View Diary: NRA spokesman Wayne LaPierre is a gigantic liar (84 comments)

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  •  Wayne missed the rioting in BOSTON -- see below (0+ / 0-)

    Read all about it in the Boston Globe:

    Boston police are investigating vandalism to parked cars in several neighborhoods, all of which are believed to be related to parking spaces that had been shoveled out after last weekend’s snowstorm.

    Between Monday and Wednesday, officers responded to at least seven reports of vandalism in Dorchester, Brighton, East Boston, Charlestown, and Roxbury, police said. Though the type of damage incurred in each incident differed, police said they were all related to shoveled-out parking spaces.

    On Tuesday morning, officers responded to Byron Street in East Boston where a resident told officers he found two of his tires slashed. The man told police that on Monday he moved a chair from a snow-free parking space and then proceeded to park his car in the spot.

    For those of you who have no idea what chairs used to "reserve" parking places might be about, here is the "logic" (if you can call it that):

    Because you shoveled out your car, so you could drive someplace, and you put something like a lawn chair, a box, a sawhorse, (whatever) in the empty space, you "OWN" the space from which your car departed. (In Boston, the city will honor this "lien" for 48 hours after the snow stops falling -- NO KIDDING.  That's down from "FOREVER.") If anybody else is dumb enough to park there, even temporarily while you are gone, their car is "fair game."

    So Wayne missed the BIG story -- ALL of us Bostonians need an AK-47 at least to enforce our parking rights.  "You park in MY spot, I blow your head off."

    And we think of ourselves as the Athens of the US.  When I was growing up in NYCity, nobody did anything like that (but that was last century). How provincial can one get??  (Don't tell me, I know.)

    If you tell Wayne, I will send Whitey Bulger's evil twin to have a talk with you.  Better that Wayne go figure out what the big problem is in some crazy RED state, like Oklahoma or Arizona, where they NEED him.

    "The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave." -- Patrick Henry

    by BornDuringWWII on Fri Feb 15, 2013 at 08:52:52 PM PST

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