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  •  Or playing around with a loaded gun, because (14+ / 0-)

    it's fun to do so.

    Or because care and prudence are NOT rewarded in their micro culture and careless and reckless behavior IS rewarded and not sanctioned in any significant way.

    I find astonishing that some vocal here, can not bring themselves to endorse laws and penalties that will reduce the incidence of guns or result in loss of RKBA.

    Cheney shot his friend in the face, and there were no charges, no loss of rights!

    •  and the sheriff didn't even interview him (4+ / 0-)

      till the next day. Time to sober up?

      •  Hmmm, just like Mr. Dunn, of Florida, who (3+ / 0-)
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        wilderness voice, skohayes, splashy

        coming from his son's wedding, stopped at the store, and while his girlfriend was in the store buying some wine, and shot up a car full of teens after they refused to turn down their music when he told them to.

        Upon her emergence from the store, Dunn and gf drive away to relax and sleep off the wedding festivities at a motel (hotel?), and he casually tells her he shot at those kids. Witnesses reported the license plate and the shooting, but it wasn't until after Dunn and gf drove home the next day that the police manage to find him at his home for questioning.


        snark/ And in between the shooting and arrest every middle- aged white guy in the area was stopped, frisked, and had their car searched for one or more bottles of wine, as the police earnestly searched for the shooter. Because... good guys with guns, freedom, privacy, civil rights. /snark

      •  Accidental shootings by police OFTEN do not (0+ / 0-)

        involve interviewing the officer(s) until at least a day later, sometimes, here in NYC, the police shooters were not interviewed until several days later.

        Time to sober up? Time to get their stories straight?


        But if there are laws prohibiting police from discharging their guns while under the influence, then lawful off duty police officers would be inconvenienced, and drunk police officers would still shoot people. Because, good guys with guns!


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