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View Diary: The Daily Bucket - Feb 19, 2013 (55 comments)

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  •  What a beauty! What gorgeous laundry! (7+ / 0-)

    Oh yeah, that would make your day.

    Are they around all year there?
    Up here in summer we see them every day, soaring in the thermals, they are so majestic. It's quite a sight, a whole crew of them facing down an eagle over a carcass on the beach.

    •  yup - year round. I look up every time I see a (7+ / 0-)

      shadow fly over - and 95% of the time it's a buzzard.

      I think I posted pics in the past of 40-50 buzzards that landed in my yard to pick over an armadillo carcass. So funny to see it splayed out and all the meat picked off and leaving just the inside skeleton and hard shell. They never touched the male carcass - possibly too tough to start on. Like the wild hog I saw a few weeks ago, only the eyes got pecked out and then it laid there for a few weeks.

      "As long as Unicorns roam the earth, evil can never harm the pure of heart."

      by PHScott on Wed Feb 20, 2013 at 04:02:05 PM PST

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      •  Maybe our carcasses aren't as tough as (6+ / 0-)

        your armadillos and hogs. They always get picked to bones, even the deer that somehow end up on the beach. It could be because we have so many bald eagles, which feed on terrestrial prey & carrion  much more than on fish, of which there aren't so many anymore.

        I like seeing the vultures cast a shadow. People don't seem to find them as glamorous as raptors, and the chicks are not as entertaining (I like watching nest cams), but no one can deny how elegant they are soaring. One of the nice things about summer for me, seeing them about all the time.

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