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View Diary: OK, I admit it... I CHANGED THE BENGHAZI TALKING POINTS! (76 comments)

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  •  If I may interject here (6+ / 0-)

    There are some problems here, some very, very serious problems that trouble me deeply, with your so called truthful statements. Now granted, I did not attend the intelligence briefing where I could have learned more about the issues that cause me such grave concern, but I now I leave this diary even more troubled than I was before. There are things that just aren't adding up. And The People-especially people like ME-deserve The Truth.

    1) Barack Obama, the secret muslim President who was born in Kenya, was so busy trying to get reelected that he completely and totally and wantonly and while-smelling-like-cinnamon ignored a memo entitled "MAKE THE EMBASSY SAFER OR WE -- armed terrorists and TOTALLY not protestors -- WILL KILL PEOPLE."
    This is the one part you have said that rings true. I would only add that, he totally said it was a Youtube video. I very clearly heard him say that. There is even a youtube video of him talking about it being a youtube video ON Youtube. Like seriously, it's not THAT FUCKING HARD JUST LOOK FOR IT ON YOUTUBE!

    But, I digress....

    2) When told of the attack, the President choose to do nothing and instead spent his time baking cookies and playing the Socialist version of Hungry, Hungry Hippos.
    Mr. Lieber,sir,you owe it to the country to tell the FULL truth. Not just what is convenient, or comfortable to talk about. Yes, the president was playing a version of the hippo game that night.But as I'm sure you are aware-this "thing" he has, with the hippos, it has gone way, way too far.

    I tried to warn this nation in 2008 that the man they were so FUCKING ADAMANT about making their President-was hiding who he really was...I TRIED TO WARN YOU BEFORE IT WAS TOO LATE!!! BUT YOU WORTHLESS BITCHES WOULDN'T LISTEN!!! YOU LAUGHED AT ME AND ACCUSED ME OF HAVING VIRUSES!!


    And it wasn't just ME who noticed this either. Back in 201O,one of our great patriots at Free Republic was having a routine meeting with Lindsey and I in the presidents coat closet, when to our shock he came in and sat at his desk and, after telling his wife and staff that he needed some "Barack off the clock" time to work on a"speech", he spent over an hour playing that dastardly, game. The patriot, who will not release his name because he is a fugitive of the corrupt family courts system who have DEMANDED he find a job and start paying child support-oh who the fuck am I even kidding, it was Joe Walshoe Walsh-who used his cell phone camera to take a picture of what we saw.
    But the plot still thickens!  Take a closer look at that image-You may want to be sitting down for this....
    these aren't your average hungry hippos sir. By god, they aren't even socialists. They are COMMUNISTS! COMMIE Hippos! Yes, Lieber, The Reds, the Soviet Union are the single greatest threat we face right now, as a nation. And they are literally sitting right their on my his desk.
    After THAT he did Jazzercise... and went to sleep.
    Jazzercise? you dare to even speak of JAZZERCISE???

    According to this account on FACEBOOK, Obama is as effective a president as jazzercise videos. And THAT is saying something! I can't quite figure out what, but it will come to me eventually.

    I will leave you now, but before I go, I would very much like to share a few words of wisdom from a great old gal who knows a thing or two about many things.....

    Good day sir,


    President Senator John McCain

    (Oh, Pee Ess- there is nothing "itchy" about Lindsey's pubic hair. They are as soft as the silk in a husk of fresh sweet corn. Don't ask me how I know...just know, I do)


    You must work-we must all work-to make a world that is worthy of its children -Pablo Casals Please support TREE Climbers for victims of child sexual abuse and exploitation.

    by SwedishJewfish on Fri Feb 15, 2013 at 09:43:13 PM PST

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