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View Diary: Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: Pope Joan, Republican obsolescence and more (134 comments)

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  •  I have a halfway-formed theory.... (8+ / 0-)

    .....that Obama is triangulating in some fashion.

    Maybe not as obviously as Clinton, but it seems like a lot of his ideas are rooted in 1990s repub thinking.

    I mean, HCR was total Jack Kemp thinking.

    I bet any carbon plan he comes up with looks like what the Repubs were tinkering with a decade or so ago. And I bet immigration reform winds up looking a lot like what Bush was trying to do.

    It's like he took what few half-way decent market-based ideas they had and now they have nothing left but "Hulk! Smash!"

    "Michael Moore, who was filming a movie about corporate welfare called 'Capitalism: A Love Story,' sought and received incentives."

    by Bush Bites on Sat Feb 16, 2013 at 04:56:09 AM PST

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