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View Diary: * New Day * - Will Kossacks get arrested today? Have you ever been arrested? Done time? (288 comments)

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  •  Never have been arrested (15+ / 0-)

    Sometimes I'm kinda surprised that I haven't been arrested a couple of times, not for committing crimes, but because the cop pissed me off so badly (one of them got screamed at very loudly... didn't arrest me but he didn't show up at court either - I was going to win that ticket, the one he shouldn't have given me because the young lady who hit me after trying to speed around me chatted him up for a while.)  We've got a few different agencies around here.  The big city police agency around here has been problematic for me; I've only had a couple of decent interactions with them, the rest of them the officers were very unprofessional about things.  The sheriff's department out here (that's the jurisdiction I live in, just outside city limits, but the SD covers a lot of unincorporated urban area, so they might as well be a city agency) has always been extremely professional. Same goes for the state police; I did have one encounter many years back out in the middle of nowhere with a trooper that was really unnerving, but come to find out from friends in the area that the cop in question was just a jerk - they all knew who he was. Note that I've only been pulled over twice for speeding in 22 years; the rest of the time, it was a burned out light or in one case, a minor accident.

    I did get pulled over once in Oklahoma, and the way the young trooper handled things was extremely stupid.  Not for pulling me over even though he clocked the wrong car - that's human error and even if I don't like getting pulled over, it's understandable.  The stupid part was him having me sit in the front seat of his car while he went to go get the registration from mine.  Oh, and there were three guns within arms reach while I was sitting there alone.  Had I really been one of the bad guys... that's not a safe way for an officer to conduct a stop.

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