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View Diary: Limbaugh Is Losing! With Each Hateful Word, More Sponsors Leave. (300 Left Last Month) Total: 2,500+ (205 comments)

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    Have been writing to the universities listed in this posting. Got this letter back (this am) from the office of Lou Anna K. Simon, President, Michigan State University (letter sent by Elvira Martinez-Jones, Offices of the Board of Trustees & Office of the President):

    On behalf of President Simon we acknowledge your email. Per the president’s request, this issue was investigated by the Communications and Branding office.  Neither Michigan State University nor MSU AgBioResearch is a financial sponsor of the Rush Limbaugh show. MSU does have a partnership with WJR, the AM radio station that broadcasts Rush Limbaugh in the metro Detroit region. WJR broadcasts MSU programs such as Greening the Great Lakes as well as covers athletic events.

    To promote its own programs, and not as part of any sponsorship, WJR previously would highlight MSU programs during Rush Limbaugh’s show both live on the radio and via an Internet stream. WJR no longer is promoting MSU in this manner

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