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  •  Let's celebrate and encourage collaboration, (1+ / 0-)
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    Ray Pensador

    particularly effort which use the immense technical and creative talents of our fellow progressives.  This is truly the way forward.  Our side just has to be savvy enough to use the pre-written material the right-wing is handing us, seemingly, day after day after day.

    Here is another related idea. Wife had a birthday yesterday. She has long loved eating at Olive Garden.  I said OK, not wanting to politicize a birthday wish.  Place was packed, and we ate elsewhere.  We live in TN, a very right-wing place, but I do remember seeing that OG & their parent corporation profits took a big nationwide hit after their stated claim that ObamaCare was forcing them to screw their employees.  In the spirit of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, how about a clearing house or easily accessible list of restaurants and other companies that treat their employees well?  I seem to remember that Little Caeser's does better than the infamous Papa John's, but it is hard to keep it all straight without a reference.  I think it possible to make a real point that pissing off 50% of one's potential customer base is not a winning strategy. The beauty of such a strategy is that it really costs someone nothing more than what they have already committed to spending, and each "voting" occurrence can be sizeable one of $50-100,or even more. I'd be very likely to drive the 15-miles across town to our single Costco location rather than 3-miles to WalMart, especially if I knew I was part of a larger effort.

    •  We're thinking the same way.... Right now I have (0+ / 0-)

      a sheet of paper to my left where I've been making some notes for my next diary, where I'm going to be describing an idea for a "systemic" approach to activism using the wide-area-network technology concept.

      You're idea fits perfectly into what I'm going to be proposing.  I'm putting together a collaborative think tank and I'm looking for volunteers.  If you like, you can visit my website at and join my email list.  

      I'll be sending an email blast once a week.

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