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  •  Law Isn't Different (7+ / 0-)

    Judge basically told her to stuff it.  Her divorce trial is in May, well outside the mandatory 6-month waiting period.

    And I'm rooting for Chris Humphreys too, not like I even follow this stuff (I didn't, but the "emergency divorce" thing in the news just sent me ballistic both as a lawyer and as someone who really hates the sense of ignorant entitlement evident in even making such a request.)

    But if that baby is born before the marriage is dissolved, then it gets even uglier - because of a very strong legal presumption that the baby IS Chris Humphreys. A presumption so strong that overcoming it that good old Kim, who no doubt has done the math and realized that her babydaddy has a much higher net worth, might well be hosed if everyone isn't willing to submit to DNA.

    •  Totally agree except (0+ / 0-)

      Calling her a "ho". Is Kanye West a "ho" for screwing with a married woman? Of course not, he's a stud.

      While I have zero love or respect for any Kardashian, would you call Allen West the n word? It is never OK to call a woman a ho.

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