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    KenBee, peregrine kate

    I'm a woman, and frankly, I grow weary of those who pretends that there is not a difference between a woman who has sex and a ho.  There is.  I suggest that the respondent recognize that different communities of women view these things differently. In particular, Black feminists don't run around both adopting the word "slut" for their political marches against misogyny and yelling about folks calling women sluts at the same time.  We're also not generally unwilling to call a spade a spade when it comes to anyone, male, female, or otherwise, who is a ho.

    (Oh, you didn't know that men are called 'hos in some communities, too? Maybe you should get out more with some folks a little more diverse than you.)

    Why you assume it's about "education" instead of someone just not agreeing with your dogma as it relates to these things is another, entirely different discussion.

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      'ho' as congratulatory for a man.
      'ho' as you used it, to shame a woman.
      And yeah, I think people who are antigay and racist need education too - just like you with the misogyny. I think people can change, and often it needs education. I don't think people are born hating.

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