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View Diary: Discovered You Have Cancer Today? Sorry! PCIP Closed Enrollment Yesterday. (36 comments)

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    I got enrolled at the last minute. It's been a ridiculous dance of incompetence on their end--missing papers, claims that my first payment didn't arrive before the deadline so I had to reapply after being turned down the first time, misleading wording and instructions, and a massively frustrating and repetitive phone tree--but I think I am actually enrolled at this point. I won't know until I get my little card in the mail. They sent me a letter instructing me to use the letter as confirmation of the policy, but from what I have experienced it will be a continuing nightmare to work with them. I am afraid the use the policy, to be honest. Our government at work. I knew it sounded too good to be true.

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      Not that it's any consolation but from others who have reported on DKos in joining the PCIP in previous diaries I've done on the program it seems like your experience is a typical.  I don't recall anyone saying they had significant trouble with the process of joining.

      Hopefully you made it!

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