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View Diary: Sunday Puzzle Warm-Up 2013-02-16 (41 comments)

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    Nova Land

    Mine started with the OBH, too, but was not sure whether the OA was TO, or something sneaky, like TA or TI. (And did LA=SO or NO? Or another sneaky one-letter word with an unnecessary consonant?)

    So I put the PU and OA on hold, and moved to the BH'LH, figuring it was HE'S or HE'D. Next step, deciding which was more likely. (NYLUMHLLZ and JELLY helped; not many words have a double "d" in that position.)

    JELLY also suggested that E=A, which mean U might be I, and now I could discern the word BUSINESS and guess at the word OBSTRUCTIONIST.

    The hardest part was not knowing Inhofe's first name! Had to scurry to Kaakdh to look it up.

    My favorite part (next to the way you managed to make Rush's name appear) was puzzling out why Hunter capitalized only the second appearance of obstructionist ass. So, a satisfying little puzzle. Thanks, Nova!

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