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View Diary: Cover-up on the Wisconsin Supreme Court? (53 comments)

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  •  Roggensack (7+ / 0-)

    Was at the Jefferson County Tea Party event where Sen. Johnson continued to make an ass of himself- Yes, she is bought by the loonies- Fallone was on afternoon radio show on 1290 WMCS (African-American Milwaukee talk radio) last week and I believe that he will be vilified by Club for Growth and others over the next 6 weeks- Get ready to fight.  

    •  We're ready (7+ / 0-)

       We're well aware of what type of lies the right-wing lie machine will try. As I mentioned in the article, Roggensack apppeared at the same Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce event that Walker and other GOP lumniaries did, and she's already taking major cash and "independent" contributions from right-wing organizations. She is disgustingly paid-off, and her type isn't even trying to play it straight any more.

          And don't think we've forgotten about the sketchy vote-counting that happened in the last 2011 Supreme Court race involving Prosser. We've got the scope on these folks if they try anything funny, and we're definitely telling our neighbors.

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