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    WRT, the Martin-Zimmerman issue, I think that we're going to have to wait for the courts.  Unfortunately, I think it may also go down in the annals with the OJ Simpson affair.  I think that it is certain that race played a part in the events, but I also don't think it is fair to say he was shot for being black.  I think the outcome of the event could have been altered by either party at one of several points.  I think that race based perceptions, prejudices, and learned behaviors all played a part in creating the situation.  Above all else, I think that there was a lot of stupidity on both sides.

    The domestic violence issue is a sticky wicket.  Unfortunately, trying to deprive people of their property is even stickier, though I understand the thinking behind it and you are right.  It really comes down to due process especially with a way to regain your property and we are talking about a system that is not renown for being very good at that.  I think that such an approach should be a last ditch effort and that we really need to improve the social safety nets and provide some relief valves for people going through these awful situations.  The DKOS author SwedishJewFish had some interesting things to say about mapping the incidents of DV and murder-suicide and the strong correlation to economic strife.

    To also play devil's advocate (purely with the intent of exploring the argument) , would removing the guns make a difference or would they use something else?  How many men could easily physically overpower their wives and wouldn't even need a weapon or how many of them would pick up a hammer?

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