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View Diary: Rubio comes out against immigration reform (137 comments)

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  •   Rubio:Can TeaP trust another Romney flip flopper? (0+ / 0-)

    Does Rubio have the leadership qualities necessary to buck the GOP establishment or a mere pawn? (something that could hurt him with teabag/fringe crowd he is so popular)

    Sophistication is needed but this works too
    Chris Hayes has two WaPo Jan 31 2013 poll charts GOP.

    (short commercial - sorry)

    When polled, republicans strongly favor 60% to 35% a pathway to citizenship with certain requirements met.

    Then when the question includes President Obamas name in the question it flips: only 39% favor a pathway to citizenship to 56% against

    So Rubio flip flops right on cue - Make Rubio pay for this Romneyeque waffling

    Transcript @ link:

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