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  •  I really don't know why the pope resigned but (9+ / 0-)

    I am inclined to believe it is what he said - just old age. But I especially disagree that the Rhode Island case about the Legionaries has anything to do with it. As you state about the excellent film, Mea Maxima Culpa, at this time there are certainly bigger scandals than what happend to one woman's estate in RI. But I agree, that at this point, the hierarchy of the Catholic Church are aiding and abetting the rape and torture of children and that they have no scruples regarding money or anything else.

    •  Thank you for your input. (1+ / 0-)
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      The Pope does appear to be in ill health.  On it's face, it's a perfectly valid reason to resign.  I couldn't imagine having that kind of job at age 85.  I just found it interesting that there is so much speculation regarding the "real" reason behind his resignation.  I have to admit, after watching "Mea Maxima Culpa" and then Pope Benedict's resignation being announced literally the next day, I myself got to wondering, as the documentary spends some time focusing on the current papal regime and Ratzinger's involvement in the sex abuse scandal pre-papacy.  Figured I'd ask someone far more informed than myself for her opinion.  ;)  

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