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  •  My gratitude to you (13+ / 0-)

    for explaining to me the flip side.  I was confounded by the entire situation.  It was so clearly a severe problem, yet the school wanted nothing to do with it and the insurance company kept calling it an educational issue.  Ultimately, I realized no one wanted to pay for what need to be done.  And it was expensive!  The only thing I knew for sure at that point was that my child desperately need help.  It really breaks my heart knowing there are others like him and they are not getting help.  I fear we are truly heading for a disaster and only beginning to see glimpses of the full implications.

    You are my brother, my sister.

    by RoCali on Sun Feb 17, 2013 at 03:36:21 PM PST

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    •  School pesonnel used to be abysmally educated (11+ / 0-)

      about ADHD, LD, and significant psychiatric problems -- e.g., the schools kept telling us that our son couldn't have dyslexia because he scored relatively high on silent reading comprehension tests.  Of course, he couldn't spell worth a damn, was atrocious at reading aloud, and was hopeless in arithmetic above multiplication -- a pattern very typical of bright kids with the most common type of dyslexia.  When I initially pointed this out to my son's school I was basically told to shut up and go away even though I ran a local CMHC and was a part-time faculty member in the local graduate school.  My ordeal was eventually nowhere near as daunting as yours, but my experience did make me more sensitive to the extraordinary efforts  that  so many parents have to make to get the help they need.  My impression is that many schools, including the one my son went to, are much more enlightened today.  But they are still often very strapped for resources to put into effect their much better knowledge than they used to have.

      •  My experience with the school (11+ / 0-)

        was that if his educational scores were normal or above, there was no problem, period. I simply couldn't wrap my head around that.  He attacked children at school on several occasions, but his test scores were above normal so it was okay.  His psychiatrist was as appalled as I was, but they wouldn't listen to him either.  When I finally called them and said Jon would not be returning to school, they asked why.  I said I had placed him in that hospital and they were truly shocked. They just did not grasp the problem at all.  

        You are my brother, my sister.

        by RoCali on Sun Feb 17, 2013 at 05:22:23 PM PST

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