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  •  Reagan was merely an effective puppet front- (9+ / 0-)

    man for the oligarchic cabal initiated by the Powell memorandum who, whether they knew it or not, were all disciples of Ayn Rand and her debased Nietzscheanism, which, except that it doesn't include an explicit adulation of force and violence, is very similar to that other well-known debased version of Nietsche with its exaltation of the Übermensch as the highest value.  

    I make this point because Reagan is gone but the oligarchic cabal (can you say Koch?) and its successor puppets -conscious and otherwise -- are not.

    Evil, indeed.

    •  Point taken about the effectiveness and endurance (5+ / 0-)

      of the cabal, or plutocracy, or whatever one chooses to call that shadowy group with outsize power that dominates our political system to a terrifying degree.
      The final verdict isn't yet in about the extent to which Reagan created his own policies or merely acceded to those of his overlords, though I do recall reading that during his stint as governor (and before) he wrote quite extensively about his political philosophy and aims--and clearly they were compatible with those who helped him reach the next stage of his career.
      They certainly chose well, didn't they? At least in terms of camera appeal and ability to convey his lines with conviction.
      However, since so many terrible things were instigated on his watch, regardless of the degree to which he was merely following (implicit) orders, I still hold him culpable. This does not mean that I exonerate in any way the others wielding power more subtly, then or now.

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      by peregrine kate on Sun Feb 17, 2013 at 06:37:37 PM PST

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