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  •  Do you mind telling me what state you are in? (15+ / 0-)

    You can PM me if you don't feel comfortable saying it publicly. Like I said, my aunt was very active in supporting inmates families, and I think she may have started a support group herself. She might have a better idea of where to find resources.

    If you end up not finding anything, have you considered starting your own group? It really isn't that hard to do-most churches will rent out their space for free-and I bet you would find a lot of interest. That in-person support is so vital.

    I'm going to be writing my uncles story in full very soon-I'm just waiting for the final go ahead from one of the involved parties. But I hope it opens peoples eyes about how inhumane and blighted our system is, and how this kind of nightmare could happen to any family.

    You must work-we must all work-to make a world that is worthy of its children -Pablo Casals Please support TREE Climbers for victims of child sexual abuse and exploitation.

    by SwedishJewfish on Sun Feb 17, 2013 at 03:19:49 PM PST

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