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View Diary: Unofficial Companion to MSNBC's 'Hubris', the Iraq War (74 comments)

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  •  Hey I marched against the war (0+ / 0-)

    wrote letters to my Democratic reps, worked grassroots for liberal candidates and took to the Internet and dkos to fight against this slide into the dark. I worked for Dean and was anti-war including Afghanistan. I saw terrorism as blow back form our anti-human anti democratic foriegn policy.  

    As for 'we are the government' we no longer have any choice as the electoral system is as broken as the rest of our government. I participated in OWS and will no longer vote for the best of the same evil. I became politically active in the Democratic party in 2000 as I was horrified by the RW bushies.  I was requited by a Green after the selection of Bush to join the Democrat's. She said we need to undo this RW coup and form left coalitions within  the Democratic party.    

    Now I know after a decade of this bs. political kabuki that it was a by-partisan coup. None of us are the government any more, all we get to do is ratify which criminal enterprise we prefer Goldman Sachs or Bain? Hillary, who is a bad ass bomb Iran fan or Obama who at least during the primary talked diplomacy. Once he voted for FISA I quit his campaign as it just wasn't a vote I could support.  I still voted for him, look at our choice. Like I said, we no longer vote for representation or even decent lawful governance. Our consent is extorted.

    So don't give me or my liberal neighbors, family crap and blame. Nancy took the prescribed remedy off the table and I'm no fan or supporter of the Third Way endless warrior Dems who own the Democratic party. I certainly knew they were complicit during the Bush regime and along with many people here and in the real world, did what we could to stop the by-partisan slide to the Dark Side. I'm not even a Rachael fan as she is far too much a partisan to connect the dots that lead to the Democratic implementation of the bogus GWOT. She catapults the propaganda for the status quo third Way Dems.

    You tell me the blame lies with 'we the people' when the reality is we have no choice? I campaigned for Kerry and the young un's in my district would say Coke or Pepsi forget it. They were right and time has showed this was true. I think that people were sick of Bush Cheney they went too far so they voted for audacious bottom up Change. They took the Obama bait and instead got the by-partisan corporate, endless unitary powered war, along with the viscous neoliberal/neocon NWO.


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