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View Diary: Republicans outraged that White House isn't sitting back and trusting them on immigration reform (72 comments)

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    If the White House does not have a proposal, then conservatives are going to say that nothing is happening because they want leadership.

    As it is the conservatives have to deal with a proposal.  The White House has done something, and conservatives are going to either have to accept it as reasonable, and piss of the base, or denounce it, and piss off the immigrants.

    Frankly both the left and right are not making any friends with immigrants, which is why Liberals do so badly in Texas.  Immigrants want a fair chance to be hired based only on ability and work ethic, and when they own business they want to hire who they wish.  Immigrants want safe borders and safe communities in which wealth can be amassed, children educated, and grandchildren enjoyed.

    It is not complicated.  It is not anti-american.  Hard work, kids, wealth, the government not saying you can hire these lazy people, but not those who will actually do a days work.

    Liberals can take the lead in this, because conservatives are so attached to the aristocracy all they can do is serve their masters.

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