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  •  Wrong finger! I meant the middle finger! (23+ / 0-)

    but I hit the ring finger, because I can't see too well right now.  The sinus thing is putting pressure on my eyes.  It's getting worse fast; this was what I was expecting, since I'm on no medication now.  Specialist tomorrow .

    Jeers to constant exhaustion, dizziness, nausea, and of course death and rot smells and tastes.  

    Cheers to the one successful toy Rosie has: little fish filled with catnip.  She flings them and leaps after them and loves them.  

    Jeers that doctors respond with pills rather than common sense.  My friend's husband died in January.  She is miserable, cries a lot, worries - in short, she's a new widow.  The doctor gave her something that has elevated her mood.  Boy, has it.  Scary.

    Cheers to all of us, me excepted, 'cause we rock!

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    by escapee on Tue Feb 19, 2013 at 05:35:39 AM PST

    •  Ohhh man I hope you get that cleared up (9+ / 0-)

      I suffer from chronic sinus infections as well, nothing quite can describe that 'death' taste and smell. Nothing tastes good, ever.

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      by idbecrazyif on Tue Feb 19, 2013 at 05:42:20 AM PST

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    •  escapee, (9+ / 0-)

      I have a treatment for migraines that I also use for the inner-eye-stabbing sinusitis headaches.

      I have two 10"x12" gel pads. You can nuke them or freeze them depending on what type of compress you want to use. I freeze mine. I strip the pillows off my bed so I can lay flat. I roll up a hand towel along the length to support the back of my neck. I lay a frozen gel pad (with the cloth cover on it) over the rolled up towel and then lay my head down so the pad presses on the back of my neck and head. Sometimes I pad the sides of my head so the pad presses up to my ears.
      At first, the cold is quite uncomfortable, but only for a few minutes. Then the blood vessels dilate and the throbbing decreases and most often stops. The chilled blood knocks the pain out.
      I couple this with Excedrin Migraine for migraines or ibuprofen or a sinus medication for sinus headaches. To me, this is Heaven. The added benefit is that you're lying down for several minutes simply resting. I've fallen asleep like this more than a few times.
      Every drug store and better supermarkets will carry the gel pad.

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      by Gentle Giant on Tue Feb 19, 2013 at 06:34:33 AM PST

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