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    When my sister traveled through eastern Asia back in the 90's, she told me heartbreaking tales of seeing old women in the streets selling flowers, gum, or anything else they could because society did not look after the elderly.  They were literally left in the streets to fend for themselves.  That imagery haunted me, and greatly influenced my conversion from being against "money grubbers" and to be more supportive of social welfare policy.

    The problem is partly that people are selfish, but mostly that they are misinformed.  They think that the US spends very large amounts on foreign aid when in reality the amount is relatively small, and they don't realize how far a little bit of money can go to saving lives, and the spin off benefits that the United States gets in return long term, such as keeping people away from military dictatorships and terrorist groups who can feed them in exchange for their support.

    People need to stop just thinking about themselves and their pocketbooks and really think about the consequences of what happens when you take away support systems.  It won't be lazy people who will finally get off their butts to get a job like they keep telling themselves.  It will be families and children going hungry.  It will be children and the elderly becoming homeless.  It will be people increasingly turning to crime in desperation.

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