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View Diary: Young man with down syndrome suffocated to death by police (197 comments)

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  •  Over the last ten years, one of my reasons for (67+ / 0-)

    No longer reading newspapers is this kind of story kept cropping up. Even when I lived in the supposedly "liberal" San Francisco Bay Area. These stories trouble me very much.

    I remember one particularly poignant case - this guy with mental illness went out at three in the AM, and  he started standing on a neighbor's car. He was swinging a broom. It was a moonlit night, so you could see it was a BROOM. The neighbor called police, figuring they would know how to coax the man  down from the car. The police got there and almost immediately shot and killed him. The neighbor said to the reporter: "Hells bells, I own a gun. If I had wanted to kill the guy for standing on my car roof, I could do it myself!" The reporter mentioned in the story that the neighbor was grief stricken over this, figuring it was his fault for involving the trigger-happy police. I should mention this was in a rather tony suburb - hardly like the cops had just come from some awful gang banging situation where they were all fired up from something they had seen.

    Here in Lake County, several years ago, a woman left town for a much needed vacation. She had determined that her mentally ill son could be okay on his own. The man was in his mid twenties.

    Well, something upset him, and he started a rampage. He was rummaging around  the house and shouting. Again, neighbors called police, thinking the police  could maybe enter the house and save the belongings that were being tossed around. The police entered the house and they shot him.

    Keep in mind - this house was HIS Residence. If he was damaging things, so what? The poor guy  hadn't even set foot outside in the real world, where he might harm someone else's property.

    What is very disturbing is I have discussed these cases with people on supposedly "liberal" discussion boards, and the responses are things like, "Well, the police have to take into consideration their time! They can only allot so much time to any particular case, and they need to get things resolved quickly."

    It also galls me because there are no guarantees about mental illness. One bad bang to the head, and you or I could be mentally impaired. A stroke or a lack of circulation to the brain during surgery, and you or I could be mentally damaged. People think that the mentally ill are LESS than their other human colleagues on this journey called life, but we are all just one injury away from brain damage.

    Offer your heart some Joy every day of your life, and spread it along to others.

    by Truedelphi on Mon Feb 18, 2013 at 01:15:31 PM PST

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