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View Diary: Young man with down syndrome suffocated to death by police (197 comments)

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  •  With the militarization of police (8+ / 0-)

    there seem to be more reports of cruel, sadistic, and frankly criminal (but mostly unpunished) behavior by "officers of the law". I don't know if there is a trend of hiring that looks for a different psychological type--some have proposed that the hiring of recent combat vets might have something to do with it, who might carry over the rules of engagement of war to the civil scene where they are inappropriate. Also, the general tone from Homeland Security--Fear! Loathing! All the time!--and the dehumanization of anyone who is different as "the enemy"--can't help but affect police mindset.

    But those are just theories. It could be that we are simply hearing more reports than we used to, thanks to the internet. Most of the police offenders appear to be multi-year veterans of the force, not newly hired recent Iraq and Afghan war vets. It is scary to think these sadists have been on the force for years, undoubtedly brutalizing others and getting away with it.

    I once encountered "mental health police" who were specially trained. If only every place had such a group.

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