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  •  Court ruling (none)
    I'd have to go do some research to be exact, but a few years ago, an on-line journalist named Al Giodano, running his own website called "NarcoNews" won a court ruling from a federal court in NY that his enterprise was in all ways entitled to the same protections as a corporate news media operation like the NY Times.

    I'd have to go digging through the archives of his website for the details, but at least at the Circuit court level of the federal court system, there is a precedent established that there can legally be no difference between an internet news operation and a corporate news operation.

    Depending on how that goes, it might be an interesting precedent to cite challenging any rules that say that the corporate media has different rights from the citizen media.

    The Mexican bank Banamex was suing him in NY courts for libel, so the court case is something involving the names Banamex v Giordano or Narconews.

    BTW, is often a good read.  Especially when anything is happening south of the US border.  For instance, if you want to know what's going on in say Boliva, or Venezuela during a crisis, its a pretty good alternate source to the US corporate media (which is frequently somewhere between awful and completely full of mammal excretions).

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