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View Diary: IPDI nonsense: "must protect media from bloggers!" (117 comments)

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  •  The big thing is hate mail (none)
    Personally, I like reporters who try to be neutral and columnists who are swing voters. I like Paul Krugman because he publishes so much great analysis, but, in general, I'm as impatient with columnists who agree with me all of the time as I am afraid of wingnuts who like Karl Rove.

    On the other hand, readers will give openly opinionated columnists more leeway than they give reporters. Readers will lynch reporters who, in response to the forces of tight budgets and tight deadlines, include slightly fewer quotes from one side than from the other.

    So, it could be that news organizations will become more openly opinionated just to inoculate reporters from hate mail and bricks thrown through windows.

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