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  •  surprising AOL poll (4.00)
    Slightly off topic, but there's a poll and a story running on the splash of AOL right now, which are based on this AP wire in which Ted Turner says "CNN should cover international news and the environment, not the 'pervert of the day,'" network founder Ted Turner said Wednesday as the first 24-hour news network turned 25.

    Turner says CNN focuses too much on perverts

    I was entirely surprised by these results from the AOL poll. So the AOL poll asks:

    Which type of news stories do you prefer?

    Serious 93%
    Sensational 7%

    What do you think of the news coverage you see?

    It's too sensational 84%
    It's balanced 13%
    It's too serious 3%

    Total Votes: 56,573

    So, uh, remind me again why the cable news channels are doing so poorly? And why the ratings of Fox News are plummeting? Because, apparently, the news isn't serving the public any more. No one bloody cares about "runaway brides", and endless endless endless court cases that go on forever and concern only a minute number of people (Nancy Grace, you're first in line here you hack), and endless celebrity (that's what the celebrity gossip shows are for not every single news show), and shouting debate programs. These are reasons why blogging is huge; these are reasons why people are turning off the news, and perhaps why newspaper subscriptions are down. Real journalists are too bogged down by corporate interests and bottom lines made up of false assumptions about what the public wants to know.

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