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View Diary: IPDI nonsense: "must protect media from bloggers!" (117 comments)

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  •  My conspiracy theory for the moment. (none)
    So- it just occurred to me.  Writing and opinion are not at stake here.  Neither is the "privileges" extended to the SCLM.

    What's at stake here is publishing.  That is the bottleneck for journalism.  It's an expensive enterprise and only capitains of capital have been able to publish lately.  It is the power of those people who can afford the presses that trickles down the editor, news editor, manager, etc.  Just as the power of a police officer is the trickle-down authority of the public.  We give them that power and edify it everytime we obey the law.

    Anyway- while the intelligentsia of journalism (pretty word speak) are threatened by a reassessment of the cultural capital that they use to purchase their position as an "elite", the true losers are publishers.  They are a canny bunch and I think it's pretty easy to see that with the death of newspapers at the hands of citizen journalists, then other paper media are vulnerable to a digital transition.

    ::puts on his tinfoil hat::

    I would just be interested to see the extent of connection between IPDI (Idiots Patroling Despotic Idiots) and publishing houses.

    •  anyone can 'publish' (none)
      I can. You can. Anybody with some paper and access to a copy machine can. Just ask the Russians or Chinese how effective that can be.

      The problem is DISTRIBUTION. I can run off a few hundred copies of a few pages, no problem. I can't afford to run off hundreds of thousands of copies. I can't afford to print a full-color magazine. I can't afford to hire somebody to get documents through FOIA.

      But I can 'publish' -- it's just it's unlikely that more than a few people will READ it.

      Unless, of course, I put it online. Then, if it's interesting, I can get hundreds of thousands, maybe MILLIONS of people to read it. And it doesn't cost any more to create (though I might be charged for the bandwidth if I get millions of hits).

      And that's what ticks them off. THEY have to pay a fortune to get people to read their stuff, because it's on PAPER. We don't.

      Of course, what also ticks them off is that we're interesting, and they're not. ;-)

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