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  •  humane justice - a decent society (6+ / 0-)

    One would think those words still apply in this country, but reality suggests otherwise.

    The worst crimes imaginable have happened, from the torture, illegal wars, the worse that one can imagine from the CIA and top brass, the banks criminal activity, just to start - and those goes unpunished.

    I feel over the last 10-12 years as if this country has changed so much that it rarely evokes much pride in me, and right now I do not know what I would think of that would make me feel pride. I used to be so patriotic and I wish I could get that feeling back.

    "Who are these men who really run this land? And why do they run it with such a thoughtless hand?" David Crosby

    by allenjo on Fri Mar 08, 2013 at 06:58:15 AM PST

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