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  •  we found excellent dental care at college (6+ / 0-)

    the students do the work, but faculty look over it and makes it right

    you need lots of time in the chair

    best dental health in years for us

    as I said above, charge 1/2 of the usual rate which we can pay

    you need to check into other payment options

    here is how we got to the dental college

    had the same dentist for almost 30 years

    he retired and a young dentist took over the practice

    some gee wiz stuff, but prices through the ceiling

    then I got pockets in the gums and they wanted a deep cleaning that would be a couple of thousand dollars and they said that all future cleanings would be that much

    and started having pain in teeth, so started pulling them

    for the gums - started using Xylitol mints recommended by wholistic doctor friend

    they helped. Now the research is confirming that treatment.

    back to the dentist story

    we do a lot of international visitor hosting

    we had a Russian woman dentist stay with us for months

    she left town to go to school in FL but I contacted her and she recommend the dental college

    been a very good experience

    had not thought about going there before, but now I am very pleased

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