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  •  OH used the initiative process to get a (7+ / 0-)

    redistricting proposal on the ballot in 2012.  Unfortunately, Republicans were able to throw enough $$$ and lies at it to get it defeated.  Collecting enough signatures is hard work, but I hope we give it another try.  Probably need something easier to understand and thus more difficult to fool voters.

    “The future depends entirely on what each of us does every day.” Gloria Steinem

    by ahumbleopinion on Mon Feb 18, 2013 at 03:54:47 PM PST

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    •  Yeah (4+ / 0-)

      I wasn't there, but can understand how that initiative would be lost in the presidential and senate races.  Proponents should use Husted and Ken Blackwell as poster boys for dishonest, thieving government, and put the opponents on the deep defensive.

      I don't see that one as the draw for voters -- the minimum wage would do that.  The other initiatives would use the draw to rob Republicans of their ability to steal elections.

      Citizens United defeated by citizens, united.

      by Dallasdoc on Mon Feb 18, 2013 at 04:02:40 PM PST

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