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View Diary: Despite What Forced Birthers Claim, Pro-Choice Means Defending the Choice NOT to Have An Abortion (123 comments)

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    " THEY, not we, are the ones who pushed for parental notification laws and get upset if those laws have to contain a judicial review—you know, for the girl whose father is the father of her  child or whose parent would beat the crap out of her if they knew she was pregnant."

     or a girl who is ousted from the home on to the streets because she got pregnant.  i know because,  as a nurse in the DC area,  i took care of a few of the girls who developed health complications from their pregnancies.

    "A sixteen-year-old girl is pregnant by her  sixteen-year-old boyfriend"

    i am surprised that the boy is not being vilified for having sex @ 16 from these "forced birthers!"

    Faux News ruined my state

    by sc kitty on Mon Feb 18, 2013 at 04:15:12 PM PST

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