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View Diary: Daily Kos Elections Live Digest: 2/22 (373 comments)

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    Skaje, Stephen Wolf

    You're really making me think hard about my ideas right now, and I love that. I also hadn't realized until just now that if you take away the "extra" two points for each state that weights the EC towards smaller states, Gore wins in 2000. Which means that I sort of was arguing for giving undue weight to rural areas without knowing it (I'm all for giving due weight, but not undue weight.)

    I'm not ready at all, though, to abandon the countryside to Republicans. And I think this is an area where Democrats need to do a MUCH better job selling themselves, rather than chasing people away with talk about "clinging" guns and religion, etc.—if only because the House maps aren't changing anytime soon!

    Anyway, I'm heading out now, but I want you to know I really enjoyed this little exchange...

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