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View Diary: On Angola, America's Racist Slave History is Celebrated (59 comments)

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  •  You have have a point, built on a flawed (5+ / 0-)


    The assumption that all of the men are lawfully convicted. No doubt some of them are.  I'd even venture a guess that many are guilty of crimes, perhaps not the ones for which they were convicted.

    But the number of false convictions are astonishing, many who are black, and false convictions happen even in liberal states like New York, can you accept that some of those men are probably innocent, and may be exonerated, if there case ever draws the attention of a talented and dedicated civil rights team?

    And on the other hand, in the same state, we have a medical team who decided to euthanize more than a dozen people after they had previously made a flawed triage decision.

    A group of middle class medical professionals collectively decided that they could break the law and decide for themselves what is justifiable homicide. None of them are in prison, working on a farm for the rest of their lives.

    •  Everyone in there is lawfully convicted (1+ / 0-)
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      as it stands. That's what we do in our judicial system. You have to be lawfully convicted to be sentenced to anything.  Factually, some of these people may indeed be innocent and that is unfortunate, but that's not really the issue here, as even if we did alternative sentencing, you'd still have false convictions.

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