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View Diary: On Angola, America's Racist Slave History is Celebrated (59 comments)

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  •  Just FYI - German TV has had a long 30 minutes (3+ / 0-)

    piece about these prisoner rodeos in May 2007.

    I picked up the tape from the archives and look at it right now. I can't find the film in our online archives though.

    A lot of prisoner interviews, excellent images. The scene with releasing the bulls on the table with four prisoners, yep we filmed it, close-up, the way the bulls almost kill the prisioners as well. There were a lot of prisoner interviews in it and they show the emotions the prisoners have and go through. Nothing to loose, but a lot to gain (money-wise) for these men, almost all of them life-sentences.

    The correspondent, who produced and has written this piece, did without any hint of sensationalism.

    Sigh. I wished it were online somewhere and I wished the Germans would produce some of their longer pieces also in English and sell them.

    And BTW I like your non-fictional part of the diary better than the fictional one ... but I get what you are hinting at.  

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