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  •  the closest I've come to something like that... (6+ / 0-)

    and it wasn't all that close, really, was when we were waiting at a bus terminal in Eureka, California, waiting for the bus back to Oregon. There was a nutter there too. I figured he was probably waiting for the same bus so, don't ask me why, I decided it was a good idea to start a conversation. No, he wasn't pretending to shoot people. He was just angry and scary. So I talked to him. He wasn't all that communicative and it turned out he was waiting for a different bus so I don't know if my reaching out was a good thing or not.

    In your situation, who knows what I would have done? Since it wasn't a real gun I guess I would have avoided him. If I thought the situation was really dangerous I might have gotten off the bus and waited for the next one. Then there's the problem of the line itself, it being dark and having to wait, not knowing if the next bus would be any better. Plus if it were dangerous it would be hard to leave the other people on the bus.

    A lot of maybes and "I might have"s. Glad you made it home safely and hopefully the kid has come down from that particular high.

    •  Remember the Green Tortoise? (4+ / 0-)

      I used to ride it from Portland to San Francisco once a year; generally it was filled with college students, some professors and others just wanting to save a few bucks. You met some really interesting people, plus a few slightly weird ones.

      The last time I rode it the feeling was different, and not in a good way. On the way home two women got into an altercation in the center of the bus; one pulled a knife on the other.  That was my last trip on the Tortoise.

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