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  •  interesting that no one here said use a camera (4+ / 0-)

    or camera phone that could send this weirdness to someone appropriate. (Cops? a social worker that someone knew?...Facebook to see who knows this kid in the neighborhood?  Anyone?) Personally I might have been really freaked out too, but on the other hand, he had a toy and was publicly playing a game by himself...
       I've been in a public meeting in which a 20-something self-styled "anarchist" made a commotion by coming in late, waving his camera phone in one hand and his actual open-carry gun in the other. That was unnerving, because he could have easily shot someone accidentally even as the crowd tried to disarm him if something went wrong. As it was he was just trying to get a rise out of people on purpose. Sounds like your boy was tripping in his head, whereas our guy came literally tripping into the room.

    The bus boy was in danger of getting himself shot without actually threatening anyone except for by perception.

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