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  •  Wow, eeff really does stand out in that pic . . . (14+ / 0-)

    . . . imagine if he hadn't cut down the size of the pole! Morning angleajean and MOT's. Take a deep breath aj, you made it in time (at least it looked like it to me).

    I wish I had the time to attend one of these rallies. Perhaps I can plan (plan, what is this plan you speak of?) to attend one in the future. As you can guess, out here in the (near) sticks they were all about the "dirty hippies" littering "our Capital Mall". I wonder how the divide got to be so wide?

    Damn cold here again the next few days (single digits tonight and tomorrow with winds up to 35 mph). Wore a jacket yesterday and it was 50 degrees when I left work. Parka today and it might be 10 degrees when I leave work today. No climate change here, nope, move right along, nothin' to see.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday today! Peace.

    - Politics is the entertainment branch of industry.
    - Frank Zappa

    by rudyblues on Tue Feb 19, 2013 at 03:48:02 AM PST

    •  I didn't (13+ / 0-)

      I changed the pole from Aluminum to Wood.
      I was going to make this sign fold & roll up & fit into a card board tube.
      When I tried the pole on for laughs I had a neighbor take a picture, he said that's metal ! What about power lines?
      It was 14" tall!
      So I regrouped & got a 8' x 1" wood pole at lowes !
      then I cut out the card board & painted it orange! the cardboard was bigger than the poster board.
      It was hard to get on the Metro but I managed to do it & the people on the train co operated !


      here is the original idea


      that would have all bolted together, I think the wind Sunday would have blown it apart !

      glad I changed to a one piece cardboard sign !

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